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2nd --- 2018 2018 Leaf Memorabilia Vault
10 full pieces of memorabilia in every box. Jerseys, Wardrobe, Bats.... Great product for an instore break with your walkin customers. Call your rep for availability
  2018 Buddy Fight Ace Booster Volume 2, BT02
  2018 Pokemon Island Guardian GX Premium Collection
  2018 Pokemon Pikachu & Evee Poke Balls
This is one of the best new gift items Pokemon has released since debuting the tins over 20 years ago. The card game now has Poke balls that can be used for card storage and to carry their decks around in.
  2018 Pokemon Sun & Moon Lost Thunder Expansion
Christmas release. Boosters, theme decks, elite trainers, mini binders and the 3 packs are available to preorder now
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Advent Calendars
Real Advent calendars. Instead of 24 pieces of chocolate, there are 24 cards to get.
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Zombie Horde Structure Decks
The Structure decks of 2018 have been tough to reorder all year just like the boosters. Get your numbers in
7th --- 2018 18-19 Donruss Basketball
Orders will help your allocations on future 2018-19 Panini NBA Releases. Quantities are limited, get your order in today
  2018 2018 Topps Triple Threads Baseball
Loaded with great content and another good rookie class. We are allocated, call your sales rep today before this is gone
  2018 Historic Autographs Capital of Baseball Series I
loaded with all New York stars of baseball from the 1950's. Mantle, Robinson...... All of them.
9th --- 2018 Cardfight Vanguard Psyquialia Strife Boosters
Call your rep today for all the info
  2018 Weiss Schwarz Kan Colle Arrival Reinforcement Boosters
14th --- 2018 Panini Certified Basketball
Allocated to those of your supporting us on the Panini NBA releases
  2018 Topps WWE Now and Forever
15th --- 2018 Sports Kings Volume 1
Multi sport with hits from all the top legends including Ruth, Gehrig and the other top names from sports history
16th --- 2018 2018 Panini Prime Racing
Debut release
  2018 Panini Flawless Collegiate Basketball
Allocated to you based on your Panini NBA purchases. Call your rep today for your allocation
  2018 Pokemon Collectors Chest Fall Tins
These are the lunch box tins. 5 boosters, debut foil cards..... Great gift item.
  2018 Pokemon Dragon Majesty Special Collection
Get your orders in asap. Dragon Majesty releases are selling out fast
  2018 Pokemon World Championship Decks
The top 4 decks from this years Worlds are featured.
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Hidden Summoners Boosters
All foil release, last of the year
21th --- 2018 18-19 Panini Prizm Basketball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the Panini NBA releases
  2018 2018 Panini, Playoff Football
Affordable release features all the top rookies including Watson
  2018 Rittenhouse X Files Trading Cards
Autographs from all the top stars including Mulder and Scully
23th --- 2018 Onyx Hall of Fame Autographed Baseballs
Mantle, Ted Williams, Aaron.... Only 53 names signed, only 300 baseballs in the production
  2018 Panini Immaculate Football
Allocated to those of you purchasing the Panini footballs this year from us. Get your allocations in today!!!!
  2018 Topps Stranger Things Trading Cards
First release based on the hit show. This should be great for the young teenagers out there.
28th --- 2018 2018 Leaf Metal Baseball
Sold out
  2018 2018 Topps UFC Museum Collection
All the top men and women are covered. All the big hits are there too
  2018 Topps Finest Star Wars
Call your sales rep for your allocation today
  2018 Topps Walking Dead the Hunters and The Hunted
All the top characters from every season are covered in this one.
30th --- 2018 18-19 Panini Absolute Basketball
Allocated based on your Panini NBA purchases. Call your rep today for your allocation
  2018 18-19 Prizm Basketball Retail
Call your rep for your number today!!!
  2018 McFarlane NFL 19-2
Call your rep for all the details
  2018 Pokemon Lets Play Decks
Great intro product for any new Pokemon kid. Teach them how to play the game with the limited Pokemon theme deck.
  2018 Pokemon Poke Ball Tins
All Metal tins, 4.5" in diameter. Limited production, get your orders in asap
  2018 Weiss Schwarz Konosuba God Blessing 2
4th --- 2018 2018 Leaf Perfect Game Showcase
25 autographs per box from the Prospect game played this summer. Alot of these names have their first trading cards here
5th --- 2018 2018 Topps Bowman Draft Baseball
Sold out
  2018 2018 Topps WWE Legends
All the great names are covered, men and women. Look for multiple hits per box, autographs, memorabilia cards, kiss cards, combos.... all the great content is here.
  2018 Panini Obsidian Football
Allocated, call your rep today at 866-249-4323
  2018 Panini Treble Soocer
all new premium release with multiple hits per pack. Call your rep today for all the details.
  2018 Topps Dynasty Baseball
Huge winner every year. Hits one month earlier this year. Call for your allocation today!!!!
7th --- 2018 2018 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball
More content than ever before. Look for 2 hits per pack this year with a brand new configuration. There's atleast 8 autographs per box this year!!!!
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Fusion Special Edition
12th --- 2018 2018 Topps Star Wars Stellar Signatures
Loaded content. Only 100 packs produced. Call your rep today at 866-249-4323 for all the details.
  2018 Panini Playbook Football
Allocated. Call your rep today for your number
  2018 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards
Expect this to be a tough find after the fact.
14th --- 2018 Buddy Fight Buddy Lineage Boosters
  2018 Cardfight Vanguard EB03
  2018 Panini Revolution Basketball
Get your orders in before it is sold out. Just like the rest of the licensed nba releases, production is limited and we will be sold out soon
  2018 Topps Transcendent Baseball
The most expensive product to date. Extremely limited production. Call your rep for details.
19th --- 2018 2018 Donruss Optic Football
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the 2018 NFL releases
  2018 2018 Topps English Premier League Chrome Gold Soccer
Debut of Chrome for the EPL. Call your rep today for all the details on the most popular Soccer league in Europe.
  2018 Bowmans Best Baseball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the Topps MLB releases
21th --- 2018 Buddyfight garga Decks
  2018 Topps Legends of WWE
From the Undertaker to Andre the Giant. The legends are covered. There are 4 hits per box including autographs from the legends including Goldberg who never signs. Look for signature cuts from the deceased names.
26th --- 2018 18-19 Panini Contenders NBA
Sold out!!!!
  2018 2018 Panini Contenders Football
Always a winner. This is allocated. Call your rep today for you number
28th --- 2018 Leaf Best of Basketball
Awesome buyback release every year. True rookies of Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Curry and all the other top names and legends.
  2018 Weiss Schwarz Starting Life
2nd --- 2019 2018 Leaf Ultimate Baseball
Allocated. Call your rep today for all the details at 866-249-4323
  2019 Leaf Stick Works Hockey
4th --- 2019 18-19 Panini Dominion Basketball
Allocated. Call your rep for your allocation today
  2019 Pokemon Towering Splash GX Boxes
11th --- 2019 2018 Panini Limited Football
2 autographs and 1 game used per pack. All the top rookies, veterans and legends are cvoered.
  2019 buddy Fight Ace Booster BT03
  2019 Force of Will The Strangers of New Valhalla Tournament Kits
Call your rep for info on the boosters and the tournament kits hitting 1 week earlier.
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Duelists Sisters of the Rose
15th --- 2019 Pokemon Melmetal GX Gift Boxes
Call your rep for all the details
  2019 Pokemon Poke Ball Tins Wave 2
3 of the original Poke Ball tins plus 3 brand new styles per box
16th --- 2019 2018 Leaf Metal Sports Heroes
Autographs from all the top names in every sport. From Soccer to MLB..... New Hobby and Jumbo boxes for 2018
  2019 2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1990's
  2019 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer
Covers the German National League
  2019 Topps Road to Wrestlemania
18th --- 2019 2018 Leaf Best of Football
1 licensed buy back per pack plus a predictor for the 2017 NFL rookie of the year good for autographed mememorabilia
  2019 Cardfight Vanguard Answer the Truth, EB04
  2019 Force of Will Strangers over Valhalla
Tournament kits and boosters available. Call your rep today to get your order in
  2019 Force of Will Strangers over Valhalla Boosters
Tournament kits hit 1 week earlier
  2019 Leaf Sports Heroes Hobby and Jumbos
Call your rep today. 1 auto per hobby box, 3 per jumbo. All are slabbed. All sports are covered
  2019 Pokemon Vaporeon and Jolteon Gift boxes
22th --- 2019 Leaf Best of Basketball
call your rep for your allocation today
23th --- 2019 18-19 Panini Crown Royale Basketball
Allocated based on your 17-18 Panini NBA orders. Call your rep today at 866-249-4323 or email me back.
  2019 2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball
Allocated to those of you that purchased your Leaf Metal Baseball here at ASM
  2019 Topps Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Black & White
Affordable release. It covers the original movie with all Black & White shots. The top names are covered and have hits.
25th --- 2019 McFarlane Fortnite 7" debut figures
Call your sales rep today for all the details on the 2, debut pieces coming in November.
  2019 Weiss Schwarz No Game No Life Expansion
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Speed Dueling Decks
This adds the Duel Links available on the mobile app to the trading card game
1st --- 2019 Leaf Best of Basketball
Sold out
  2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Team Up Expansion
Over 180 cards debut. Look for the new Team UP Pokemon Gx
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Savage Strike Boosters
2nd --- 2019 2019 Topps Baseball Series I
Look for some great true rookies in the early releases. For the first time ever, it's allocated. Call your rep today.
8th --- 2019 Cardfight Vanguard TD05 and TD06
Mix an order up with both decks to hit the quantity discounts.
13th --- 2019 2019 Topps Star Wars Authentics
First of its kind from Topps. Look for signed 8 x 10" photos from all the great names from the series of movies.
15th --- 2019 Cardfight Vanguard Miyaji Boosters, BT03
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Golden Duelist Supplies
  2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Soul Burner Structure Decks
First deck of the year. Debuts the Reincarnation power.
20th --- 2019 2019 Topps Tribute Baseball
New plastic stock give it a brand new look. All autographs are on card and numbered to 199 or less with atleast 3 per box
  2019 Topps Finest UEFA Soccer
Debut release for the top league in Europe
22th --- 2019 Weiss Schwarz Cardcaptor Boosters and Theme decks
27th --- 2019 2019 Topps Heritage Baseball
8th --- 2019 Yu-Gi-Oh Savage Strike Special Edition
13th --- 2019 2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball
Great price for all the new kids. This will be sold out before release
20th --- 2019 2019 Topps Inception Baseball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the Topps MLB releases.
19th --- 2019 McFarlane Game of Thrones Debut release
Debut release of the 6" action figures. Call your rep for all the info today.

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