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2nd --- 2018 Bushiroad Dragon Borne Gears of Apocalypse Boosters, BT03
3rd booster for the new Bushiroad game. Sign up at their website for the Prerelease kits and tournament support. Use All Sports as your distributor of choice.
7th --- 2018 2017 Panini Contenders Optic Football
Debut release. Contenders with all the colored prizm parallels makes this a winner for every customer in today's market.
  2018 2018 Donruss Baseball
3 hits per box plus the inserts. Great pack to rip with all of the box content.
9th --- 2018 17-18 Panini Select Basketball
Allocated this year. Call your rep for your number today
  2018 Cardfight Vanguard Divine Dragon Apocrhypna BT14
This completes the present story line. 100 cards including 97 debut cards make up the release.
  2018 Leaf Benchwarmer Dream Girls Update
Call for availability. Half of the production as last time
  2018 Leaf Greatest Hits Baseball
4 buybacks in every box of the top names in the game. True rookies, autographs, game used, 1 of 1's.... All the big hits.
  2018 Pokemon Lucario GX Collection
They are cutting down the gift box releases for 2018. This is one of two for February and march
  2018 Pokemon Shining Darkrai GX Figure Collection
This has the Debut of the Shining Darkrai GX foil card.
  2018 Super Break Antiquity
call for availability. Loaded with Historical hits from presidents, inventors and more....
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Collection Kaiba
Great Gift item for Easter in 2018
14th --- 2018 2018 Panini USA Stars & Stripes
This covers the top collegiate and Team USA names out there. 5 autographs per box this year.
  2018 2018 Topps Opening Day Baseball
Great price for all the new kids. This will be sold out before release
16th --- 2018 Leaf Pearl
Call your sales rep for availability
  2018 Pokemon Spring Tins
2 debut tins for 2018 including Necrozma GX and Dusk Mane Necrozma Gx. Each tin has 4 boosters, the match foil card of the character on the tin and a code card to unlock that character on line. 6 of each per case
21th --- 2018 2017 National Treasures football
Call your rep for availability
  2018 2018 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball
Allocated release. Call your rep today for your number.
  2018 2018 Topps Wacky Packs hobby and collectors boxes
New parodies based on recent movie releases. If all you want are the collectors boxes, get your order in today
  2018 Leaf Football Blaster Boxes
Sold out!!!!
  2018 Panini Meta X Attack on Titan
Call your rep for availability
  2018 Ritenhouse Star Trek Deep Space Nine
First Deep Space 9 release in 10 years. Debut signers this year. 3 autographs per box.
23th --- 2018 2018 Topps English Premier League Gold Soccer
Call your rep today for all the details on the most popular Soccer league in Europe.
  2018 Buddy Fight New New World Boosters, BT04A
  2018 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury
5 autographed items a box. From Bats and balls to helmets, photos..... Athletes from all the sports plus celebrities covered.
  2018 Pokemon Collectors Chest Tins
These are the lunch box tins. 5 boosters, debut foil cards..... Great gift item.
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Extreme Force Special Edition
30 boosters and 20 foil cards per box.
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Supplies
9 pocket portfolios, sleeves and card cases all with the Kaiba logos.
28th --- 2018 2018 Leaf Metal Draft Football
All the top names covered for the 2018 draft.
  2018 2018 Panini World Cup Soccer Stickers
Over 650 stickers to collect this year. Albums are available too.
  2018 2018 Topps Tribute Baseball
New plastic stock give it a brand new look. All autographs are on card and numbered to 199 or less with atleast 3 per box
  2018 Panini World Cup Soccer Stickers
This covers every team in the tournament starting this June.
30th --- 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Star Pack Vrains
50 cards debut on the Star Foil design. 1 is available only as a Star Foil card.

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