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1st --- 2017 2017 Panini Immaculate Soccer
Debut release. Call your rep for availability today
  2017 2017 Topps 5 Star Baseball
Allocated based on your 2017 Topps MLB orders. Call your rep today at 866-249-4323 for your allocation
  2017 Topps Dynasty Baseball
Huge winner every year. Hits one month earlier this year. Call for your allocation today!!!!
  2017 Topps Luminaries Baseball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the 2017 MLB releases which have never been better.
  2017 Topps WWE Now and Forever
2nd --- 2017 Onyx Premier Gear
Full game used pieces from some of the top names in baseball
3rd --- 2017 Leaf Autographed Jersey Multi sport
Jerseys from Lebron, Jordan, Walter Payton, Kershaw, Ichiro, Dr J..... All sports are covered
  2017 Panini Flawless Basketball
Allocated based on the 16-17 NBA Panini purchases.
  2017 Pokemon Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion expansion
Last booster for the year. Get your holiday orders in asap
  2017 Pokemon Ultra Beasts GX Gift Boxes
  2017 Pokemon Zorark GX Shining Legend Gift boxes
Look for more of the exclusive Shining Legend boosters in here.
  2017 Yu-Gi-OH Cyberse Link Booosters
Get your orders in asap. Final expansion of the year
6th --- 2017 Bench Warmers Hot For Teacher Series 4
Kiss cards, relics, autographs and women make up the release
8th --- 2017 2017 Topps Star Wars Masterworks
This blows the 2016 version away starting with Daisy Ridley autographs. The top names from the last 2 movies, plus stars from the original films all signed. call your sales rep today for your allocation
  2017 Panini Immaculate Football
Allocated to those of you purchasing the Panini footballs this year from us. Get your allocations in today!!!!
  2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Post Season
Loaded with on card, encassed autographs from the top names that have been there.
10th --- 2017 Dragon Borne First Expansion
First expansion to Bushiroads newest game
  2017 In the Game Superlative Hockey
Gretzky, Mario, Gordie.... All the top names have hits. Plus Leaf signed the top 2 17-18 NHL rookies to exclusive deals for autographs. Look for their signatures here.
  2017 Leaf Lumber Kings Hockey
Loaded with all the top names, old and new. From Gretzky to McDavid
  2017 Tri Star Hidden Treasures Game Day Greats Signed Jeresys
Signed jersey in every box from a star
  2017 Weiss Schwarz Accel World boosters
This adds more powers to the Accel World that hit earlier this summer
15th --- 2017 17-18 Donruss Basketball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the Panini line. Call your rep today at 866-249-4323
  2017 2017 Panini National Treasures Racing
Debut release and tightly allocated based on your support of the 2016 Panini NASCAR titles.
  2017 2017 Topps Bowman Draft Baseball
Always one of the best Baseball releases for the year. Call your rep for availability
  2017 2017 Topps UFC Museum Collection
  2017 Topps Hi Tek Baseball
Sold out
17th --- 2017 2017 Leaf Perfect Game Showcase
25 autographs per box from the Prospect game played this summer. Alot of these names have their first trading cards here
  2017 Leaf Q
Call your rep for all the details
  2017 Leaf Sports Icons Siganture Cuts
One Slabbed signature cut a pack from the top names in all of sports, Ruth, Jordan, Mantle.....
  2017 Pokemon Shining Legend Collectors Tins
Lunch box shaped tins with the exclusive Shining Legend Booster packs
  2017 Pokemon Shining Silvally Gift boxes
  2017 Pokemon Silvally Figure Collection
  2017 Pokemon World Championship Decks
The Top 4 decks from this years World Championships are featured
  2017 Pokemon XY Trainers Collection
  2017 Yu-Gi-OH Spirit Warrior Boosters
All foil releases have been better than ever in 2017
  2017 Yu-Gi-Oh Yugi and Kaiba Collectors box
Great gift box for the money.
22th --- 2017 2017 Leaf Metal Baseball
Sold out
  2017 2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball
Updates for Panini baseball releases including all the missing rookie cards.
  2017 2017 Panini Illusions Football
Get your orders in before this too is another Panini sellout.
  2017 2017 Panini, Playoff Football
Affordable release features all the top rookies including Watson
  2017 2017-18 Panini Ascension Basketball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the Panini NBA releases
  2017 Topps Legends of WWE
From the Undertaker to Andre the Giant. The legends are covered. There are 4 hits per box including autographs from the legends including Goldberg who never signs. Look for signature cuts from the deceased names.
24th --- 2017 201McFarlane Madden Series II NFL Figures
sold out
  2017 Cardfight Vanguard Rondeau of Chaos Boosters, CB06
  2017 Vanguard Messiah Dragon Trial Decks
29th --- 2017 17-18 Panini Prizm Basketball
Allocated to those of you supporting us on the Panini NBA releases
  2017 Topps Star Wars High Tek
This covers every film. 1 on card autograph per pack. The new movie hits in December giving you all the hype to keep this one going
  2017 Topps Walking Dead Evolutions Trading Cards
1st --- 2017 Pokemon Tapu Lele Gift Boxes

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