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1st --- 2017 Pokemon Tapu Lele Gift Boxes
6th --- 2017 2017 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball
More content than ever before. Look for 2 hits per pack this year with a brand new configuration
  2017 2017 Panini Preferred Football
Multiple hits per pack from legends, current stars and the 2017 rookies who are carrying the load this year including Watson
  2017 Panini Court Kings Basketball
Call your sales rep for your allocation today!!!!
  2017 Topps Star Wars Stellar Signatures
Only 100 boxes are being produced. Our allocation is limited. Call your sales rep for details today
8th --- 2017 Force of Will Advent of Demon King boosters, Reiya Cluster 2
  2017 Yu-Gi-Oh Circuit Break Special Edition
13th --- 2017 Bowmans Best Baseball
Allocated based on your 2017 Topps Baseball orders!!!! Call your rep today
  2017 Panini Totally Certified Basketball
Allocated to those of your supporting us on the Panini NBA releases
  2017 Rittenhouse Star Trek Beyond Movie Cards
All the characters from the new films are signing including Pine, Zoe, Simon Pegg and more....
  2017 Topps Star Wars the Last Jedi Trading Cards
Based on the film coming this holiday season. Call your rep for your allocation today at 866-249-4323
15th --- 2017 2017 Leaf Valiant Baseball
Allocated to those of you that purchased your Leaf Metal Baseball here at ASM
22th --- 2017 Cardfight Vanguard Ultimate Stride Boosters BT13
  2017 Leaf Greatest Hits Baseball
4 buybacks per box
  2017 Panini Meta X Green Lantern TCG
Can be played with the Justice League TCG or as a stand alone
  2017 Weiss Schwarz Sword Art On line Movie Boosters
Based on the new movie

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