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4th --- 2018 2018 Topps Platinum Soccer
Covers the top names in the English Premier League. Multiple hits per box from all the top names.
6th --- 2018 Pokemon Sun & Moon Trainer Kits II
Great introductory product for the hottest game on the market. There's enough for 2 players to get going and SRP is less than $15.00 a unit
11th --- 2018 2018 Topps Major League Soccer
true rookies, debut cards for the two new franchises. 2 autographs and 1 oversized relic per box.
  2018 2018 Topps Walking Dead Road To Alexandria
this covers the storyline that took them to Alexandria and what happened once they were there. Guaranteed, there's 1 autograph per box plus a second hit. Grimes, Glenn... all the top names are covered.
13th --- 2018 McFarlane NBA Series 32
Sold out
18th --- 2018 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball
6 autographs and 2 relics per pack. From Bryant and Harper to Ichiro, Big Poppy, Jeter, Ripken.... The top rookies are covered too. There are autographed book,s 1 of 1 logos, combos... Call your rep today for your allocation
20th --- 2018 McFarlane Star Trek Figures
Kirk and Picard have their debut pieces.
  2018 Pokemon Legends of Johto GX Gift boxes
$40.00 retail item is loaded with content. Call your sales rep today at 866-249-4323 for all the details.
25th --- 2018 2018 Topps Bowman Baseball
Always a great seller. Allocated. Call your rep today for your number!!!!!
27th --- 2018 Cardfight Vanguard Divas Fest Clan Booster 07
Get your preorders in. Bushiroad has been sold out before release on the last 6 months of releases. IT's not changing.
  2018 Weiss Schwarz Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!
Get your orders in today. Expect it to be sold out before release

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