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1st --- 2018 Pokemon Shiny Zygarde GX Gift Boxes
Great gift item that has debut cards including the Shiny Zygarde GX card.
  2018 Pokemon Sun & Moon Trainer kits
Great item to teach the new kids how to play the game.
6th --- 2018 2018 Topps Finest Baseball
2 on card autographs per box. The 2018 True rookies are there, plus redemptions for the later call ups. Ohtani leads off the names of huge rookies coming in 2018
  2018 Buddy Fight Sollar Strife Boosters
Get your orders in to get it on street release. Do not count on being able to reorder this after the fact, Bushiroad is limiting productions
8th --- 2018 2018 Panini Luminance Football
Great content. Loaded rookie class. Expect Luminance to be sold out prior to release. This will count towards allocations on all the good stuff.
  2018 Cardfight Aichi Sendou and Toshiki Kai Structure Decks
This is based on the new anime debuting this May
  2018 Force of Will Reiya Cluster Winds of Ominous Moon Booster
The final battle for Reiyas Cluster begins.
  2018 Yu-Gi-OH Flame of Destruction Special Edition
30 boosters and 20 super rares per box
12th --- 2018 2018 Leaf US Army All Americans Metal Football
Not only are the new draft picks covered that played in the game, but undergraduates that won't hit the draft for another year or two signed giving you plenty of debut autographs.
13th --- 2018 Topps Baseball Series II
All the April and May call ups covered. Get your orders in now. With another Japanese star coming in 2018, this is sure to be a greater seller even in the international market.
15th --- 2018 2018 Historic Autographs Art of Baseball
Extremely limited. Call your rep for your allocation today
20th --- 2018 Panini Meta X Batman Trading Card game
Debut of Batman and all the top characters from his comics in the Meta X Trading Card game
  2018 Topps Star Wars the Last Jedi Trading Cards Series II
100 brand new cards cover the new story line. all the main characters are signing
22th --- 2018 2018 Panini National Treasures Soccer
One of the top brands on the market debuts with the FIFA and World Cup soccer names. Call your rep for all the details
  2018 Vanguard Unite! Team Q4 Boosters
this is the first booster based on the anime debuting this Spring.
27th --- 2018 17-18 Panini Encased NBA
Call your sales rep today for your allocation
  2018 2018 Donruss Elite Football
Rookies are in their pro uniforms. Plenty of box content makes this a good product for any kid or football collector. Allocated this year!!!! Call your rep for your number
  2018 2018 Topps Inception Baseball
Sold out!!!!
  2018 2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball
Allocated based on your Topps MLB orders. Call your rep today for your number
  2018 Historic Autographs Potus
Every pack has 1 autograph from a President of the United states. Every president is covered. There's a second autograph from either a Vice President, First Lady or a top cabinet member.
  2018 Leaf Showcase Baseball Vault
Every box has a bonus box with 4, 1 of 1's including autographs, game used and printing plates.
29th --- 2018 2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball
Quantities are limited. Call your rep today before it is sold out!!!!
  2018 Dragon Borne Surge of Titans Boosters BT04
Get your orders in today
  2018 Leaf Autographed Football Jerseys
1 full sized, custom, autographed jersey per box. Walter Payton, Brady, Montana, Rice, Elliott..... All the great names are covered
  2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Battle of Legends Relentless Revenge Boosters
100 card all foil set. This has the top characters for every Yu-Gi-Oh anime that has hit to date.

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